Bud and Shane Lee

Shane Lee (speedywrench on the flathead forum) and his dad Bud had their cars out, Shane in the dragster and Bud in the Bantam altered. They were running low 12s and low 13s respectively. Bud's altered is water cooled with a big two-inlet flathead-style radiator. I think that may be the way to go for bracket racing, but of course, I've already sunk my money into a nasty looking dragster frame.

I first met Bud and Shane at the 1999 Heartland Hot Rod Reunion. At that time the only had the dragster and it was really only on shakedown runs. This year father and son each have cars.

These guys have so much fun that this wasn't even a time trial or a round of eliminations. It was a father/son match race after both had been eliminated. I don't remember who won and frankly I don't care. It was just a kick.

A tour of the dragster from engine to front reveals a C4 tranny with a home built motor plate adapter, Hilborn injection, pedestal front motor mounts, and that rather practical combination battery hold down and number plate.