Steve McGuiness's Photos of the

High Altitude Flathead/Inline Nations, 2001

I wasn't able to attend the 2001 "Flathead Nationals," as I tend to call them, but Australian flathead racer Steve McGuiness was there with his digital camera and sent me the fruit of his efforts. He says the camera messed up halfway through the races, so some of the images are a bit weak. I thought I would just post them all since I figured viewers would want to see them even if they weren't perfect and I am too lazy to edit them. I am also too lazy to write captions, but you can probably figure out most of the players from other pages on this site. They are in the order that they were on the disk, so I presume that is the order Steve shot them.

Steve didn't have his own car in Denver, so I have included this link to his Time Warp Racing web page so you can see his extremely nice machine.

I have divided the photos into groups of five so you won't have to wait all day for them to load. Enjoy yourself.