Alan Samura's Report

on the

2003 High Altitude Flathead/Inline Nationals

Bandimere Speedway

Morrison, Colorado

(Editorial Note: Alan Samura is the Secretary of the Flatheaders of Denver. This report is a compilation of a couple of emails he sent me following the race. Originally there was to be a heads up unlimited class as well as bracket classes, but as you shall see, this didn't work out.)

There were only two classes on Sunday this year (Top Rod and Hot Rod). Whitey broke his rear end and John Bradley spun a rod bearing on his new motor on Saturday time trials. The fastest flathead out there was Mike Baker's beautiful black and red flamed FED "Flatout" from Nebraska. Mike had just put together a new motor with his prior 4-71 and 2 port injection. He was runnning it very easy since it was new and ran in the low 9's in the 140s (I think about 25% nitro). Mike didn't really have anybody to play with on Sunday ( except for his dog, he had this cool, laidback retriever dog with him, plus his whole family too.....), but being the competitor he is, he raced in the Top Rod class. The Top Rod winner was Jeff Andreen in his Yellow FED, injected from Westminster, CO with a .062 reaction time, 11.977 et at 111.47mph. Runner-up was Scott Ellingson in his maroon FED, injected from Centennial, Co. Hot Rod winner was Wayne Lichtenwalter from Lexington, Nebraska in his late 40's (46,47 or 48?) 2 dooor ford coupe with a .114 reaction time, 16.149 et at 85.38mph. Runner-up was Doug Hampton from Aurora, CO in his bright red Anglia. Doug added one of Joe Abbin's superchargers and was running a best time of 13.8 et. Doug was in the high 15s low 16s last year.

The weather was sort of cold with occasional wind gusts on Friday night, but the air was really good. Saturday weather was the best ever, cool, cloudy, then sunny then cloudy, sunny, etc., etc. Sunday was hot and sunny, perfect for racing. Bandimere's track condition was top notch for Sundays finals. The starting line was really sticky. There were about 26 cars that showed up to race, from New Jersey, Florida, California, and Texas, so we were surrounded by good folks (had a good time at the barbeque Saturday evening). Gene Benson with Flat-o-matic was there and also Joe Abbin with Roadrunner Engineering (the supercharger guy). Gene Benson said he is putting together an adaptor for the 5-spd behind a Flatty too. Almost all flathead cars this year. I'm sure you're glad to hear that. Bob Corbett's new inline FED did not make it as Bob experience a main bearing failure in the new engine on start up last Thursday. Houtz and McCain, Dave McCain did not make it as he is swamped at work.

The most impressive inline (in my humble opinion) at the show was a 230ci Chevy converted to a 2 stroke. It had a supercharger, fuel injection and dual mags. Yes, that's right, a 2 STROKE with "FLATHEAD" on top. Some might think that is the best of both worlds. Too outrageous to describe in words. The owner/builder is very talented and had it on display and started it up a few times during the event and wrapped it up and drowned out all conversation for a 1/4 mile radius (it's loud). The owner's first name is Loren.

Oh yes, those new LED's, there were quite a few redlights occurring during the weekend. I'm going to have to practice, practice, practice or quit. Just kidding.

I wish I could have reported a flathead running in the 7's or even the 6's. I spoke to many fans/builders in the pits. There are so many guys with flathead cars in various stages, if they all showed up, there would be 50 cars out there racing.