Bakersfield, 1999

Neville Sunderland is an Australian flathead drag racer. We correspond over the internet. He made a trip to the States in 1999 and attended several major drag races. This is the report and photos he sent me of the Bakersfield meet. The words and pictures are all Neville's:

I'm just back from the land of the pickup truck. Had the BEST time. Great drags and rod shows and museums.

Bakersfield had the following -

J. Bradley, Cain and Houtz, Perry and Lloyd, and Earl Floyd with son Mike driving. Times 9.6, 8.43, 9.01, 9.10 respectively.

Also a flathead Hudson 6 (9.56) and a GMC 6 (8.16). Wow!

On display too - Mike McCloskey (70's champion) and the Sissell twin 6. Peasoup Andersen's on display as well as a new untried purple car. Heaps of flathead rods too.

Had a ball.

This one was with M.McCloskey display at B/field.

This was on the McCloskey and Jordan display, too.

You may remember the Peasoupers (Andersens) from the Dragnet list. This is their display rail and nice '50 pickup truck.

Photo of the Perry & Lloyd rail - 296 on 85% Nitro.

This one of a guy named Kevin Kline I think. He put together a video of the engine build and 1996 antique nationals. I brought back a copy. Car's not yet run tho'.

Earl and son Mike Floyd rail again.

This is a tat-rod from the parking lot. These are trendy in L.A. area now.

This one made me homesick.

A '48 Ute (but the super rare Mercury version, only 250 made). Originally flathead powered. This one upgraded to modern running gear etc. Funny how the Americans were taken with the styling. We wouldn't take that much notice over here, not many rodded here, most prefer the A's, B's etc.