The 2nd Drag World Invitational

( If I had pictures of the first one, I'd show them to you, but I don't.)

Wichita International Raceway hosted the first and second Drag World Invitational funny car meets. These were really big AHRA deals. Those of us lucky enough to be around back when Wichita's drag strip was as good as anybody's saw some big time racing.

Injected funny cars were still pretty common in '67, even on big name cars. But the handwriting was on the wall. No one could deny that blowers made them go faster. I think an injected nitro nostalgia funny car class would be a pretty neat deal - sort of an A/Fuel of funny cars. The late '60s were full of creativity that would be fun to recreate.

Once again, I have left more in the picture than I really should have just so you could see what the track looked like back then and maybe you will see someone you know in the crowd - maybe even a younger, slimmer you. Now, on to the pictures: