The Gassers Come to Kansas

The "Gasser Wars" were a big part of drag racing in the late '60s. If there is a modern day equivalent of the A/GS cars, I guess it would be Pro Mod or Fastest Street Car. The big four were Stone, Woods, Cook; Big John Mazmanian; K.S. Pitman; and Ohio George Montgomery. All four were scheduled to match race one night in Wichita, but Ohio George couldn't make it for some reason. Our local team of Nails and Holzman filled in with their B/GS Austin, pictured elsewhere, and put up a good fight as I recall. I'm not real sure why I didn't take any pictures in the daylight, but these were taken after the battle. Don't ask me who won.

The Stone, Woods, Cook Willys was probably the best known gasser of all time. The fellow on the left in the blue coveralls is local legend Floyd "Pappy" Cline. I'm pretty sure that's his blue pickup with the Skelly decal on it in the background. I think this is the only picture I have of Pappy Cline.

As usual, the picture can't do justice to the pearlescent paint on K.S Pitman's Willys.


The Big John Mazmanian Willys was the flashy one with it's blazing candy red paint.


In those days, even the most famous racers had humble trailers.