Wichita International Raceway, 1967

I took my camera to a funny car match race that featured Don Nicholson's flip-top Comet with its single overhead cam Ford engine. Two other featured cars were the Kingfish Barracuda owned by Bill Taylor and driven by Larry Reyes, and the Kansas Badman of our local hero, Ted DeTar.

As for the changes at Wichita International Raceway in '67 as compared to M&N Raceway of '65, a concession stand and bleachers had been installed on the east side right next to the track. This was in the days of separate pit passes, and you can bet we forked over the extra money to be this close to the action. Many of these photos were made from those bleachers. One of the photos made from the West side of the track shows the tower, east bleachers, and east concession stand made from a trailer. I suspect this is the same concession stand in use today on the west side.