2004 High Altitude

Flathead/Inline Nationals

Bandimere Speedway

I am still convinced that Denver, Colorado, is the epicenter of flathead drag race competition. The Flatheaders of Denver and Vintage Timing Association put on a series of points races at several drag strips in the area, but the gathering in Denver is an event looked forward to by flathead and inline racers all over the country. Some actually make it to the race.

This year saw the absence of a number of regulars, most notably in the Unlimited Flathead/Early Inline class. Bob "Whitey" McDonald was seriously ill, so was unable to compete or attend. The race was dedicated to Whitey. John "Mr. Flathead" Bradley blew the bottom end out of his engine at an earlier race, so elected not to attend without his car. Mike Baker was out with a split cylinder wall. Tony and Kathy Lloyd had parted company with Flathead Jack and there was hope that they would come to the Nationals with their single engined car, but they weren't there. Although he doesn't have a dragster any more, Rick Schnell has shown up a time or two without it, but back problems have prevented him from traveling and the car previously owned by him was not there either. In other classes, Alan Samura injured himself right before the event and was unable to get into his car, let alone drive it. He was there, but he was helping a fellow racer. I was surprised not to see Joe Abbin since he has been a regular. On the other hand, Bonneville flathead legend Kenny Kloth was there without a car as was Max Romero, John Bradley's "crew chief." I'm sure I've missed others who weren't there or were there without cars, but suffice it to say that the injury and MIA level for both people and cars was high this year.

Nonetheless, there were plenty enough cars to have a good time. Here are links to the words and pictures for this year. I tried to include as many detail shots as I could. Enjoy.