The 1998 Kenz and Leslie High Altitude Flathead/Inline Nationals


Most of the competitors at the 1998 Kenz & Leslie High Altitude Flathead/Inline Nationals at Bandimere Speedway near Denver, Colorado.

Rick Schnell's "Slider." Winner of Unlimited Flathead class.

John "Mr. Flathead" Bradley's dragster.

The dragster of Earl Floyd and his sons Ron and Mike. Runner-up in Competition Fuel class.

Restored Kenz & Leslie dragster.

Dragster of Gene Jaffe.

Dragster of Marv Brown. Runner-up in Competition Gas bracket class.

Mike Strusinski "Flathead's Revenge" altered.

Dave Thomssen's Roadster

The dragster of Scott Ellingson

Some dragsters including Bob McDonald's winner in Competition Fuel

Some more dragsters.

Some altereds and altered-like open topped cars.

Some more altereds and altered-like open-topped cars.

Some "door slammers" featuring '34 Ford coupes.

Some more "door slammers" including Joe Abbin's '34 Tudor, winner of Hot Rod bracket class.


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